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Epson Stylus Pro 4880 Repairs & Servicing

  • Product Description: Epson Stylus Pro 4880 colour inkjet printer
  • Printer Type: Large format printer
  • Print Technology: Epson Micro Piezo™ drop-on-demand inkjet technology
  • Epson Variable-sized Droplet Technology and 3.5pl Epson Ultra Micro Dot™
  • Print head configuration: 180 nozzles x 8 colours
  • Ink System: 9 colour pigmented ink (C, VM, Y, LC, VLM, LK, LLK, Photo K, Matte K) with CSIC with 8 slots (one slot for interchangable Matte K and Photo K)
  • Resolution: 2880 x 1440dpi Epson Variable-sized Droplet Technology
  • Speed: Up to 12.8 m²/Hr (Plain Paper/Draft mode)
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0 (Compatible with 1.1), IEEE 1394 (FireWire), Ethernet 10/100BaseTx
  • Roll Dimensions: Core diameter 2'' or 3". Max. outside diameter F150mm
  • Paper Handling: (Roll Media) Single roll (1 roll < 150mm / Outside diameter F). Media width 203.2mm - 431.8mm (8" - 17"). Minimum media length 279mm. Media thickness 0.08mm - 0.50mm | (Cut Sheet) High capacity paper tray with automatic sheet feed (up to 250 pcs of Plain Paper). Manual insertion feeder for media up to 1.5mm. Media width size A4/LTR - A2/C,(210mm - 431.8mm). Media length 279mm - 610mm. Media thickness 0.08mm - 1.50mm.
  • Print Margins: (Roll Media) 4 modes available; mode 1: 3mm on all edges (top, sides, bottom); mode 2: 15mm (top and bottom), 3mm (sides); mode 3: 15mm (top, sides, bottom); mode 4: 25mm (top and bottom) 3mm (side); 2 modes available; mode 1: 3mm (top, sides, bottom); mode 2: 3mm (top and sides) 14mm (bottom)
  • Edge-To-Edge / Borderless Printing: (Roll Media / Cut Sheet) Both edge-to-edge and full bleed*1 for the following media widths: 8"*2,10", 12",14", 16", 17", 210mm, 257mm, 300mm, 329mm, 400mm, 420mm*1. Top and bottom edges can be automatically cut to any length. *1 Full bleed only available on roll media. *2 8" & 420mm requires space
  • Weight: Approx. 39.4Kg (without ink and media)
  • Dimensions: 848mm x 765mm x 354mm (Paper Tray Storage Min. Size)
    848mm x 1105mm x 354mm (Paper Tray Expand Max. Size)
  • Noise Level: Approx. 50dB
  • Power Consumption: Printing 59W or less | Standby 5W or less | PowerOff 1W or less
Epson Stylus Pro 4880 repairs & servicing

Common Error Codes

0040 Pump motor operation count reaches the limit.
00000101 The CR Motor reached it's end of life.
00010005 CR Motor is out of step.
00010040 Printing position error.
0001002D The cleaning unit reached it's end of life.

Servicing Levels

Three levels of servicing are available and detailed below:

  1. Basic 0040 or 0001002D maintenance procedure: This will return your printer from either the 0040 or 0001002D error to a working state by replacing only the relevant maintenance items.
  2. Advanced 0040 / 0001002D maintenance procedure: As well as replacing the parts relating to the maintenance error additional adjustments such as bidirectional/unidirectional alignment, 1000mm feed adjustment, firmware updating and a general clean will be performed.
  3. Overhaul: All maintenance items as well as the PF, CR motor and belt, pressure assembly and cutter solenoid will be replaced. All head and feed alignments will be performed as well as any required software updates and sensor verifications. A thorough clean will also be performed on the carriage area and the print head. When the procedures are complete a survey will be performed to better understand your requirements and any recommendations will be brought forward.

It is recommended that if you have recently come into ownership of a second user Epson Stylus Pro 4880 then you should assume that the counter values or service life levels are incorrect and choose the most thorough procedure detailed above. The reason for this is an increasing number of printers being "reset" without the actual parts being replaced or inexperienced owners trying to repair or replace parts incorrectly.

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